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Some projects I worked on previously.

Featured Project


Instagram Post media downloader. Support multipost download.

Featured Project

Add to Calendar Generator

Add to Calendar link / button generator.

Featured Project


template to initialize Next.js app with Chakra UI & Typescript setup

Featured Project


My Bachelor / Undergraduate Thesis Project. Basic Photography Learning Mobile App with Gamification. Built using Ionic, React, and Firebase.

Featured Project

The site you're currently watching. Built with NextJS. Composed with Chakra UI and Framer Motion.

Featured Project

COVID-19 Data

COVID-19 Data App built with Next.js, SWR and Chakra-UI. Powered by @mathdroid's covid-19-api, @ariya's dekontaminasi, @Reynaldi531's api-covid19-indonesia-v2.

Featured Project

Personal Site

My personal site. Built with GatsbyJS and TailwindCSS.

Design Bookmark PWA

Designer's Bookmark site for resources and inspirations on the web

Advice Generator

Advice generator built using Svelte, powered by Advice Slip JSON API.


Simple Svelte App fetching data from Instagram.

Le Cook

Food Recipe App. Built using Gatsby and Evergreen.

Ragam Budaya

Mobile app showcasing Indonesia's culture, heritage, and archipelagos with Fun Selfie Frame and Quiz feature. Built with Ionic-Angular.


Design, develop, and maintain CheroCaptures site.

GA Australia Services

Design, develop, and maintain business landing page for GA Australia Services.

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