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Add type checking and linting support for vite

September 5, 2023

vite-plugin-checker preview

I was looking for how to improve my vite react project by showing type-check or lint error like CRA's error overlay. Then I found a plugin called vite-plugin-checker. The configuration is pretty straightforward.



How to Detect if an App is Built Using Flutter

February 1, 2023

[Android OS] FlutterShark able to detect and list down which app being installed in device are built using flutter. It will give these informations:

  • Flutter SDK version
  • Dart SDK version
  • Packages being used

JavaScript: structuredClone

Modern way to deep clone objects in JavaScript

January 19, 2023

JavaScript has built-in function called sctructuredClone which able to deep clone objects.


Flutter: Two Finger Scroll

How to Detect if an App is Built Using Flutter

April 1, 2022

One of the quirks that remain apparent in apps built using flutter is when you scroll inside the app using two fingers. It will scrolls twice as fast.


Flutter: Scrolling Screenshot

How to Detect if an App is Built Using Flutter

December 28, 2021

Try to take screenshot inside the app when opening a long vertical pages (list pages etc). If there are no scroll option when taking the screenshot, highly possible its built using flutter.